Civil War Collection
Of Rock S. Edwards

Rock Savage Edwards, b. July 3, 1829 
in Shropshire, England died 1908 in
 Benton Harbor, Michigan.  He was in 
Co. B, 17th Michigan Infantry, a survivor
 of the Battle of Antietam.  His Civil War
 collection includes his daguerrotype, 
cap, canteen, mustering-out paper,
 eyeglasses, books, and two pieces of
 hardtack.  He also left a box of 77 
letters  from the 1850s  mostly from  
his brother, Virginia  Handy's great
 grandfather Charles  Edwards in
 Oswestry, England


Virginia Handy would like to restore her Great, Great Uncle Rock
 Edwards' farm as it looked circa 1893, now the address of the Log 
Cabin Society of Michigan.

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