"We are pleased to inform you that this property was listed in the National Register 
on July 21, 1995
".  From a letter by Carol D. Shull, Keeper of the National Register of 
Historic Places, National Park Service. Thanks to the State Historic Preservation Officer 
Kathryn B. Eckert and National Register Coordinator Robert Christensen for their help; it
 took over a year and a half  to prepare the nomination.
     Rock Savage Edwards' name is among the early settlers listed on the Sodus Pioneer 
Memorial in Sodus Pointe Park.  He came from England to America in 1857, a single man at
 the age of 28, living  with relatives in Ohio and working on farms there and in Michigan until 
he saved enough to buy the 40 acres here in Sodus. He then went into the Civil War, 17th 
Infantry, Co. B, fighting his first battle at South Mountain then at Antietam, where he was left
 for dead.  It was a surgeon's overdose of quinine that rendered him unconscious, and he was 
nursed back to health by southerners.  He recovered and fought in other battles and was 
honorably discharged.  He married Lydia Fox of Ravenna, Ohio.  They were active in the 
formation of the United Brethren Church  in Sodus, meeting at the Rector Schoolhouse in 
1865.  Childless, he left the farm to his nephew from England, Edward C. Edwards, who 
married Euranie Evans, and their descendants have kept the farm in the family.  It was one
 of the first four farms in Sodus Township to be made a Michigan Centennial Farm in 1960.


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