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240 Series

240 Perforator
242 Strike Perf
243 Tandem

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240 Vacuum Pile-Feed Perforator

The ROSBACK 240 Vacuum Pile-Feed Perforator is ideal for high quality standard perfs and scores as well as specialty heads for compact disc (CD) Inlay cards, micro-perf, and semi-slitting.

The ROSBACK 240 Vacuum Pile-Feed Perforator is compatible with most right angle folders for score/fold applications.  ROSBACK recently introduced the 248 Cross Perforator to complete right angle jobs perfectly and even more profitably!

Model 242 Strike Perforator

The 242 Vacuum Pile-Feed strike/skip perforator accurately starts and stops the perforating action for applications where it's necessary to perforate a section of the stock and then skip before perforating again.

The 242 is the ideal choice when magazine tear-out cards need to be perforated, or for other jobs requiring the ability to skip perforate.  Multiple skip capability facilitates running jobs two-up.  Changing from continuous to skip perforating is easy.

Model 243 Tandem Shaft Perforator

The 243 Vacuum Pile-Feed Tandem (2) shaft unit is designed for score-on-score cover stocks as well as virtual unlimited intricate patterns of perf/score/slit including CD-ROM's.  This tandem shaft design will provide numerous capabilities.


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Last modified: June 05, 2000